We recommand you to uninstall and reinstall Datananas Connect once a month to fully benefit from its regular updates. Uninstalling the plugin this way not cause side effects to your tasks.

To uninstall the plugin, here are the steps :

  • right-click on the Datananas Connect icon at the top right of your Google Chrome window (1) and then click on "Remove from Chrome" (2)

  • confirm the pluggin removal by clicking on the Remove button


To reinstall it, you need to login to Datananas then :

  • click on your first name and last name at the top right in Datananas (4), then on Datananas Connect (5), you will be automatically redirected on the dedicated Google Chrome page in a new tab

  • click on the blue button Ajouter à Chrome at the right (6) of the window and confirm installation by clicking on Add extension (7)


Success of this installation is expressed with a dedicated message (8), you can open it with a single click on the "D" with a blue background (9) at the right top. To connect to the plugin, use the same IDs as on loging in Datananas.

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