Many of Datananas' features such as inbox, contact management, statistics or sequence programming module have been designed for more efficient collaboration in your teams.

To add members to your team and increase the power of Datananas:

1/ Go to your account settings and then to the Company tab

2/ On the Billing tab, check that you still have available licenses

3/ Fill in the email of the new user and click on "Invite"

4/ Your colleague will receive an email with an activation link (valid for 48 hours) to access to Datananas

You have a Manager role in Datananas ? You can enable and disable the users of your choice (you will find the disabled ones on the Disabled tab)

Users status:

  • Enable: user with an active license to Datananas
  • Mail sent: guest user who has not yet activated his account
  • Disable: user who has no longer access to Datananas
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