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Personal information
Personal information
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To configure your personal information:

1. Go to your account settings in the User tab in the My Account section

2. Edit and/or complete your personal information

3. When your information has been modified, click on Save at the bottom right of the screen

All fields must be completed to save your personal information

In addition, via the User tab in the My Account section you can act on :

Language : You can choose between French and English, the software will adapt to the chosen language.

BCC Emails : put email addresses in BBC in your sequences

Notifications by e-mail :

  • Contacts back in the office : If you receive an out-of-office message and our artificial intelligence is able to determine when the contact is back in the office, you will receive an email telling you that the contact is back in the office.

  • Weekly statistics report : Every week you receive an email that recaps your stats from the previous week.

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