You will need to use the IMAP/SMTP synchronization in case your provider is not referenced or when the security level of your email account is such that it requires synchronization via these protocols.

For information:

  • SMTP is a communication protocol used to transfer e-mail to electronic mail servers

  • IMAP is a protocol that allows you to access your e-mails directly on the mail servers

This information is different depending on the mail server you are using. Most of the time, they are available online or on request from your IT department. Here is the information you will need:

  • IMAP host & port

  • SMTP host & port

  • Id

  • Password

Your server may have specific features. If necessary, contact your company's IT department to have them provide you with the information corresponding to your account and ensure that you have the necessary rights to use these protocols with your address.

To synchronize your email address using your server's SMTP and IMAP information:

1. Go to your Settings > Email

2. Click on IMAP/SMTP

3. In the field that appears, complete all Email, IMAP and SMTP host, port, username and password

4. Click on Connect

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