Custom variables are essential to optimize the performance of your sequences. Using them in your sequences will allow you to customize, contextualize and legitimize your first contact

To manage your variables : 

1. Go to your Account Settings in the Variables tab

  • Following the activation of your account you will have access to native variables (example: first_name, last_name, role, company_name, city, email, etc.)

  • You can create your own custom variables

2. Click on New variable to create your custom variables

3. A window appears. Complete the Variable name field, you can add a description to it, then click on Submit

Manage your custom variables:

All your custom variables start with "dn_";
You can also search among your custom variables to find your variables more easily.

In order to avoid the creation of redundant variables, you may or may not manage the variables according to the plan to which you have subscribed and your role in your organization:

  • on the Starter plan, either you are the only user and you can manage all your variables, or you are several users and only the manager can manage the variables

  • on the Professional plan, only the manager can manage the variables

  • on the Enterprise plan, by default only the manager can create variables for his team but we can personalize the roles of your users so that they have access to the creation of new custom variables

Variables deletion

You can delete any custom variable if you have the "manager" role, clicking on the "Delete" button at the end of the row of the variable you want to delete.

Use of variables:

You can use variables when editing templates, response emails and sequence emails

To use a variable when editing an email you have 2 options :

  • You can type '#' followed by the variable name. Video support

  • You can click on the icon '#' when editing. Video support

Important: A contact cannot be added to a sequence if the sequence uses a variable that is not filled for the contact

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