Datananas Outbound allows you to connect to your Gandi account.

For this purpose:

1. Go to your Settings > Email

2. Click on Gandi

3. In the field that appears, complete all Email, IMAP and SMTP host, port, username and password

4. Click on Connect

If the synchronization doesn't work, select Other, and configure the advanced connection (cf. article Synchronize my mailbox with SMTP/IMAP )

Important :

Gandi is no longer allowing its users to send emails through Datananas that include our shared tracking domain ( If you wish to send emails sequences and that your provider is Gandi, we strongly advise you to completly disable emails tracking, or to create a custom tracking domain (this is also strongly advised if you wish to highly improve your deliverability). You also must disable your unsubscribe link through your sequences

I completly disable tracking of my emails sequences and my unsubscribe link


I create my custom tracking domain

For more information on your sending email quotas, go to the following article: Sending email quotas

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