The blacklist is a system that allows you to control "forbidden" emails and domain names, i.e. those to which you do not wish to communicate.

The contacts referenced in this section cannot be contacted even if they are present in your contact database

Only users with a "Manager" role have the possibility to manage the blacklist.

To access and update the Blacklist:

1. Go to your Account Settings in the Blacklist tab

2. Click on + Add to blacklist

3. Select the reason why you are going to add these contacts to the blacklist

  • Contact already existing in your customer base
  • Contact who expressly asked you not to contact him again
  • Contact of a partner or competing company

4. Insert emails or domain names, two possibilities are available to you:

  • Enter emails or domain names by compiling them and spacing them with a comma in the provided input fields
  • Enter emails or domain names by compiling them one below the other (one value per line)

You can search for contacts referenced in your blacklist based on the email or domain

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