The blacklist is a system that allows you to manage "forbidden" emails and domain names that match the contacts you do not want to communicate with.

The contacts referenced in this section cannot be contacted and will not be engaged in your sequences if added by mistake.

Only users with a Manager role can manage the blacklist.

To access and update the Blacklist:

1. Go to your Account Settings and then to the Blacklist tab

2. Click on Add to blacklist

3. A window appears

4. Select the reason why you are going to add these contacts to the blacklist

  • Customer: contact already existing in your customer base

  • Prospect: contact who expressly asked you not to contact him again

  • Competitor: contact of a partner or competing company

  • Other

5. Insert emails or domain names, you have 2 options:

  • Enter emails and/or domain names manually by separating them with commas or line breaks

  • Copy/paste the emails and/or domain names (the system will separate them automatically)

6. Click on Submit to blacklist emails and/or domain names

You can search for contacts referenced in your blacklist based on the email or domain

A contact is automatically blacklisted when:

  • the contact clicks on the unsubscribe link (the reason will be "Unsubscribed" in the blacklist)

  • the email is undelivered (the reason will be "Undelivered" in the blacklist)

  • the contact answered in a very negative way to your sequence, then he will take the status "Do not contact" and the reason will be "Do not contact" in the blacklist

You can also add your contact to the blacklist by going to the contact form and clicking on the icon displaying the tool tips "Add to blacklist". See capture below:

You can then blacklist contact's email or domain.

Remove an email or a domain name from the blacklist

To remove an email or a domain name from the blacklist, go to Settings and then to the Blacklist tab.

Click on the "..." to the right of the blacklisted email or domain name and click on Delete to remove it from the blacklist.

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