Import your contacts massively to Datananas using a CSV file

PC users : please save your file with the following format : CSV (semicolon delimitor). If you see characters being modified (like accents for instance) when importing your file on Datananas, please save it with the CSV UTF-8 format.

MAC users : please save your file with the CSV UTF-8 format.
You can upload CSV files up to 15 000 rows.

To import new contacts:

1. Make sure you have filled in the mandatory field email for each of the contacts you want to upload.

2. Go to the Data Desk on the side bar (a), and select the file to download using the menu (b) or simply drag and drop it. Feel free to customize the contacts enrichement options by clicking on the blue slot (c).

3. Match the fields: validate the columns you want to import or not owing to the toggle button (c), and match the headers of your file (a) with your variables in Datananas (b).

5. Create a list to import your contacts into or select an existing list

6. Preview your data: If necessary, you can make changes before validating the import.

7. Click on finish to validate your import. Depending on the size of your file, processing may take several seconds

Uploading use-cases :

Case n°1 :

You want to update the content of one of the cells, please double click on the text to modify, change it and press "Enter"

Case n°2 :

If you want to upload contacts that are already in your database (basing on the email address), you have a message telling you that you are trying to upload existing contacts, the lines for these contacts are in red.

Using the toggle button at the bottom will allow you to let them in their current list, or to move them in the new list.

Case n°3 :

If the mandatory variable (email) is not filled in, cells with this issue are colored in red and are not able to finish your upload.

Please double-click on a cell in this case to update it with an email address or click on the bin icon at the end of the line to delete the whole line. You will then be able to finish your upload.

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