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Create contacts by uploading a CSV file
Create contacts by uploading a CSV file
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Import your contacts massively to Datananas using a CSV file

PC: If you use a PC , your file has to be saved with the following format : CSV (semicolon delimitor). If you see characters being modified (such as accents for example) when importing your file on Datananas, please save it with the CSV UTF-8 format.

MAC: If you use a Mac, your file has to be saved with the CSV UTF-8 format.

You can upload CSV files up to 15 000 rows.

To import new contacts:

1. Make sure you have filled in the mandatory field email for each of the contacts you want to upload. Note that you can download an example csv file in the first step of the import.

2. Go to 'Import' via the left side panel (a), and select the file to download using the menu (b) or simply drag and drop it to the Datananas window. Feel free to configure enrichment and verification elements before any import by clicking on the blue slot (c).

3. Match the fields: validate the columns you want to import or not owing to the toggle button (c), and match the headers of your file (a) with your variables in Datananas (b). Once the "matching" is done click on 'Next' to go to step 3.

4. Create a list to import your contacts into or select an existing list

5. Preview your data. If necessary, you can make changes before completing the import. Modifications are sometimes needed when importing your contacts.
The different scenarios are described below.

6. Click on 'Finish' to complete your import. Depending on the size of your file, the processing may take few seconds.

Import cases requiring the modification of data:

Case n°1 :

If you you want to update or complete the content of one of the cells, please click on the text to modify, change it and press "Enter" on your keyboard.

Case n°2 :

If you want to upload contacts that are already in your database (basing on the email address), a message will appear telling you that you are trying to upload existing contacts, the lines for these contacts are in red.

You can either choose to leave the contacts in their current list or move them to the newly created list by switching on (blue) or switching off (grey) the following toggle "Move existing contacts to the new list".

Case n°3 :

If the email variable (the only variable that is mandatory) is not filled in, then the contact will not be uploaded in Datananas. An error message will appear in the cells where the email variable is missing.


After clicking on Finish:

If you want to import the contact, you can fill in the missing email variable by following the procedure in case n°1.

Other cases:

  • Delete a row : In the step 4 'Preview', click on the icon [bin] and confirm. Video

  • Split the contacts according to the owner:

  1. In your CSV file, you must add a column 'owner' that contains emails adresses of the users and match the right owner to the contacts.

2. Match the owner column with the special field "Owner" in step 2 "Fields selection".

3. If there are already existing contacts among the uploaded contacts, enable the toggle "Reattribute existing contacts to new owners imported"(it turns blue). Click on Finish to complete the import.

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