It is now possible to verify the validity of the email addresses of your contacts, owing to the BriteVerify integration.

To do so you can go in your Settings, in the Data Desk tab then in "Verification". Then please click on the blue sentence "You must first connect your BriteVerify account to use this option".

After clicking on this blue banner, you will need to log in to your BriteVerify account and go to

Check the Auto-Replenish option to get this key.

This option will automatically adjust the payment according to your activity.

You will just have to copy the "backend API key" and paste it on the dedicated banner on Datananas, then finish by clicking on "Connect BriteVerify" on the bottom right.

In the "Settings" section you can enable & disable the automatic verification of email addresses, please remember to click on "Save" to save your choice. You can all past verifications in the "History" section.

You will be able to check the validity of email addresses of contacts created by importing a CSV file, or of a selection of existing contacts.

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