You can now clean and enrich your contacts in Datananas, to do so you can go in your settings, then on the Data Desk tab.

The Formatting tab will allow you to clean your contacts databases as you can see on the screenshot above.

The Enrichment tab will allow you to use 2 features, both will allow you to create customized variables :

1. Clearbit integration : Here is the specific article about this topic : ClearBit article link

You can enrich your contacts when importing a CSV file or by selecting existing contacts.

2. Magic variables

As you can see on the screen record bellow, Magic Variables are created from your variables as company_name or company_industry, so you can use these ones in a more natural & spontaneous way in your sequences.

To add a new Magic Variable, you have to create your own variable, as you can see on the screen record bellow.

With those features, you can make your sequences more tailored and more effective.

Last but not least, Verification tab will also allow you to verify all your email addresses thanks to our Brite verify integration. Here is the specific article about this topic : Verifying your contacts email addresses.

Once the different configurations are set up, you will be able to enrich the next contacts that you will import automatically.

If you want to enrich contacts afterwards, simply select them in the Contacts page, click on Action and click on Enrich with Data Desk.

Then you can click Submit to enrich your contacts.

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