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Create a contact on Datananas Connect
Create a contact on Datananas Connect
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To create a contact on Datananas Connect:

1. Open Datananas Connect plugin (that you can install through the Google Chrome Store), then the Contact tab and New sub tab.

2. Open a corporate social network website or any other web interface.

3. Choose one of the lists you have previously created on Datananas.

4. Go to the profile of the person whose contact you want to collect. Depending on the interface, the information (first name, last name, role and company name) will be self-completed or will have to be completed manually.

User advice : If some elements you get in Datananas Connect such as the company name, last name or first name don't seem correct to you (wrong company, company name that is too long, emojis, etc. ), you can change them in order to help the algorithm to find the right domain name and therefore the right email.

To do that, you must change the specific variable, as it is shown in the video below regarding the company name.

Video example: Here

5. Choose the most plausible email address according to their score.

6. You can add additional information by clicking on the funnel-shaped icon.

7. Click on Create contact to create the contact or on Create & engage to create the contact and add it to a sequence.

You can also create a contact by opening the plugin and completing all fields manually.

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