Datananas Outbound automatically assigns status to your contacts according to their engagement in your prospecting scenarios (c.f article The Contact status), there are also two manual status: Qualified and Disqualified

Contacts and replies status are good indicators to manage your prospects in the right way and with the good timing, but you can't rely only on them for different reasons.

For example:

  • A contact who has replied, and who has a positive reply category, will be open to a discussion, but you may quickly discover that it is not qualified

  • A contact who has answered, and has a typology of a negative answer, will not at first sight be open to a discussion, but a good salesperson will probably be able to initiate a conversation and qualify the prospect.

  • A contact who has not replied to your email, but has replied to a reminder via another channel (social network, etc.), will not be detected by the software as having replied. While it could turn out to be qualified

For those reasons, the status "Qualified" and "Disqualified" are present in the software. Once you change the status of a contact to qualified or disqualified, this cannot be undone.

These statuses can also be used as a trigger on our Zapier app.

To qualify or disqualify a contact you have two options :

  • from the Datananas inbox, when clicking on a response you see at the right of your screen the contact card of the person that responded (1), you need to click on "Show more information" (2) to make the two buttons "Qualify" and "Disqualify" visible.

  • from the page of a specific contact when clicking on "Show more information" (3) to make the two buttons "Qualify" and "Disqualify" visible, too.

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