To get this export:

1/ Go to your account Settings under the GDPR tab (1) and go on the Data sub-tab (2)

2/ Select the CSV format (3). Then you can choose to export all company's contacts (3) or company's blacklist (4)

The download of your export will start automatically and you will find all your data in CSV format.

Regarding the export of company's contacts you will find the following data:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Role

  • Company name

  • Email

  • Status

  • Last reply category

  • List

  • Stage

  • All the information provided in the native variables of the software

  • All the information provided in the custom variables

Export a list of selected contacts

You can also export directly a list of contacts.

To do so, you must select the contacts, then click succesively on Actions (1) and Export selected contacts (2).

As shown in the screenshot below:

Here we have selected the native filter on the left "Leads" in order to get all the contacts that have responded positively.

Then a window appears:

Choose the CSV format (1) through the drop down menu and then click on Submit (2).

You will then get a file containing all your contact information :)

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