To create and edit your sequences:

1. Go to the Sequence Page

2. Click on the New Sequence icon at the top right.

3. Then you have 3 options :

a) create a brand new sequence

b) pick one from our library

c) duplicate an existing sequence

4. Whatever your choice, you can name the sequence in the Sequence name field in the top left. The first step of your sequence is created by default as an e-mail.

5. You can add steps to your sequence by clicking on the button Add a step.

6. You can then select the type of step you want to create: e-mail, task or call

7. Then to integrate content into your steps:

  • for e-mails, you must include a Subject and a Message that may contain one or more custom variables
  • for tasks and calls, you must include a Title and Description which may also contain one or more custom variables.
  • to integrate your custom variables into your sequence, use the Variables button or press the # key on your keyboard (to integrate variables in the subject of a step please only use #)

Be very careful to the REDACTOR's comments (on the right of your screen) when writing your prospecting emails. Follow his advices and your campaigns will be more effective ! Don't follow them, he has some surprises in store for you!

8. Configure relaunches rythm between the different steps of your sequence (cf. article Configure the intervals between the steps of a sequence)

9. Once your sequence has been written and configured, click on Save Sequence, you can preview a specific list or a specific contact with the Preview tab.

10. Emails & Activities tabs will allow you to monitor your sequence and see who opens and clicks, and also the see the different updates of your sequence.

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