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Add contacts to sequence on Datananas Connect
Add contacts to sequence on Datananas Connect
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In order to save time while prospecting, the Datananas Connect plugin allows you to create & engage contacts in a sequence from the same interface in 2 clicks.

To create & engage contacts :

1. Open Datananas Connect plugin and get the contact information

 (c.f article Create a contact on Datananas connect)

User advice : If some elements you get in Datananas Connect such as the company name, last name or first name don't seem correct to you (wrong company, company name that is too long, emojis, etc. ), you can change them in order to help the algorithm to find the right domain name and therefore the right email.

To do that, you must change the specific variable, as it is shown in the video below regarding the company name.

Video example: Here

2. Click on Create & engage

3. Choose the sequence you want to add the contact in and click on Engage in a sequence. You can check that the variables associated with your prospect are correctly completed in the emails composing your sequence.

The campaign will be scheduled immediately and the first step of the sequence will take place in the next time slot. 

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