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Add content into my sequences
Add content into my sequences
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In your sequences, you can add content such as images and links.

To insert an image, go to the Edit tab on a sequence:

1/ Click on the image icon (see capture below)

2/ You have 3 options to insert an image (see capture below)

Insert a GIF : Click on GIF and the image you want. (1)

Insert an image hosted on your computer: Click on Upload and insert the image you want to add. (2)

Insert an image hosted online : Click on Link and insert the URL of the page on which your image is hosted and click on Submit. (3)

You can also have access to previous images you added to sequences by clickling on My Images. (4)

To add a link, go to a sequence in the Edit tab:

1/ Select the text on which you want to insert the link

2/ Click on the link icon (see capture below)

3/ Insert the url of the page you want your prospect to be redirected to, then click on Submit

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