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Add hyperlinks and images in a sequence
Add hyperlinks and images in a sequence

How to add content to your sequences

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You can add various content such as pictures or GIFs. If you wish to redirect your prospects to online content (a page of your website for instance) you can also add hyperlinks on text or pictures.

How to add a picture

  1. Go on your Sequences page clicking on the paper plane (1)

  2. Click on the sequence in which you want to add a picture (2)

3. Once in your sequence, click on the email in which you want to add a picture and then click on the three little dots (3), to select the Update option (4).

4. In the body of your email, click where you want to integrate the image and then click on the picture logo (5)

5. A window appears, giving you several option. You can either :

  • add a GIF : click on GIF (6) then on the GIF of your choice

  • add a picture hosted in your computer : click on Upload (7) and select the picture from your computer

  • add a picture hosted online : click on Link (8) and copy/paste the URL of the page from which the your picture is hosted.

  • add a picture from your library : every picture you added in Datananas is saved in a personal library from which you can get it to add it in your sequences. Click on My images (9) and pick the picture

Whatever your choice, always click on the Submit button (10) to save your choice

How to add an Hyperlink

  1. Stay in the Edition mode of your email

  2. Select the text (1) on which you want to add an hyperlink and click on the link logo (2)

3. A window pops in. Insert the URL of your choice (must start with https) then click on Submit (4)

4. It's done! Anytime a contact clicks on the text it is redirected to your link

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