It is not possible to "pause" a sequence, so we invite you to be very careful when you are programming your sequences.

However, if you have scheduled a sequence on a day/period over which you do not wish to send an email or schedule a task, we suggest that you follow those steps :

  1. Select the concerned contacts (cf. article Filters the contacts) and isolate them in a new list

2. Unsubscribe the selected contacts from the sequence (cf. article Output a sequence contact)

3. Duplicate the initial sequence(s) by activating the security option "Allow contacts that have been in another sequence before this one" in the sequence settings

4. Filter through the list where contacts have been moved to make it easier to find them

5. Engage them in the copies the sequence on the desired date

6. If you want, you can put the contacts back into their initial list

When doing this, it is important to ensure that all your contacts are at the same step of the sequence or to create sequences that repeat all or part of the initial sequence.

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