To optimize the management of your replies, you can use the search filters.

1. Go to your Inbox page, and select one of the two following tabs:

  • To Do: All replies from your sequences emails that you received and for which you haven't replied yet

  • Done: All emails that have been received and which you have replied to

2. Click on Filters to refine your search

3. Filter on one or more search criteria:

Categories:  automatic classification proposed by our AI (Artificial Intelligence) following the first reply to a sequence email:

Positive : The contact replied positively to your question
Negative : The contact replied negatively to your question
Out-of-office : Automatic reply of a contact who is absent during a certain period of time.
Bounce : Automatic reply which indicates that the email has not been received by your contact.
Wrong contact : Reply that indicates that the contact is not the right person to discuss this subject.
Do not contact : Contact that doesn't want to receive emails from you anymore.
Unknown : The AI couldn't classify the answer
Antispam: Automatic reply that aims to make sure you are not a robot.

Users:  sender of the last email who also owns the contact

If the Users filter is not there, you can make a request in the chat to have this option (option to share the mailbox with different users).

Sequences: the relevant sequence(s) from which the responses come from

4. Save your filters to access them later using the Saved searches tab (a saved research can be edited or deleted)

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