After launching your sequences, you will find your contact replies in your Inbox in the To do tab.

You have diffrent ways to manage your replies

1. Click on the concerned email (cf. article Replies filters to focus on the most interesting ones)

2. Reply to the email by typing a response or using a template (cf. article Use templates)

3. Send your answer, the email will be transferred to the Done tab

4. You can also handle your emails without answering and transfer them directly to the "Done" tab. Click on the three small dots in the upper right corner and then on Mark as done. Video support

You can also manage your contact in a more complete way from the inbox by being able to: 

Tips: Organizing your emails in your prospects' inboxes

In the mailbox of your recipients, each email of a sequence (first email and followups) will create a different thread each time.

If you want the reminder emails to come in the same thread as your first email, all of these conditions must be met:

  • Your recipient must have the thread option enabled in their mailbox settings.

  • Your emails must have either the same subject or the same subject with "Re:" in front of the subject (as in the example below).

  • This works regardless of the number of "Re:" in the subject:

Re: prospection contact

Re: Re: prospection contact

Re: Re: Re: prospection contact

Important: Regarding the email feedback in Datananas, only the first response of your prospect to the sequence will be in your Datananas inbox and will be classified by our IA.

Then in the history of your contacts, you will see all the messages between you and the contact.

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