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Native Integration Datananas x Pipedrive 

The connection between Datananas and Pipedrive allows you to automate the exchange of data between both software.

According to your preference, this automation can whether be unilateral or bidirectional.

What does the integration achieve ? 

The synchronisation will update automatically the information of prospects present in both software as soon as you make a modification on a contact on either software.

Examples of different use cases :

-Update of prospects data after an update of the CRM

-Update of the CRM after an enrichment of Datananas database

How to set up this integration ? 

Step 1 : “Settings” Tab

Step 2 : “Integrations” Tab

Step 3 : “Connect Pipedrive” - Connect to your Pipedrive account

How to configure the integration ? 

From your Datananas account :

-Manual : no automation between the two software

-Import only : changes on Pipedrive will be impacted on the data on Datananas

-Export only : changes on Datananas will be impacted on the data on Pipedrive

-Bi-directional : each modification on a software will make an impact on the other

Priority Datananas : If two related fields are filled in both Pipedrive and Datananas, the field on Pipedrive will be replaced by the one on Datananas

Priority Pipedrive: If two related fields are filled in both Pipedrive and Datananas, the field on Datananas will be replaced by the one on Pipedrive

Example : (in the first case scenario) if a same contact has Dupont as a name in Datananas and Dubois in Pipedrive, the name of the prospect will become Dupont for both software

Empty fields:

When a field is empty you can choose whether you want to export it in the other software or not.

Which mapping should you pick ? 

You can chose which field you would like to relate here

1st use case : you create a contact on Datananas or Pipedrive, what happens ?

2nd use case : you add an information on a contact, what happens ?

3rd use case : what happens when I create and add a prospect to a sequence with Datananas Connect ?

Important : 

Before synchronizing the two softwares, feel free to create custom sub fields in the "Person" field in Pipedrive.

Doing that will allow you to match customized variables that are in Datananas and do not have an equivalence in Pipedrive.

Pipedrive fields you want to match with Datananas variables must not be multiple entry fields (picklist,...).

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