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Contacts collection date
Contacts collection date
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What is it ?

It is the date when you collected data about your contacts (first name, last name, email address,...).

How is it linked to your contacts on Datananas ?

According to how you create your contacts on Datananas, collection date is filled in in different ways :

- manual creation of contacts with the Create contact button on the Contacts page defines collection date as the date of creation of the contact

- the same rule applies for contacts created through Datananas Connect

- when uploading a CSV file you can specify a collection date directly on your it by adding a column in last position, with "collectedAt" (without the ") as the header. The date for each line must be at the dd/mm/yyyy format. At step 2 of the upload, match the column with the corresponding Datananas variable (also called collectedAt).

How collection date can impact my use of Datananas ?

When creating contact through a CSV file upload

The date must not be more than 30 days prior to the date of the upload, for instance if you upload a file on October 4th 2019, the collectection date in your CSV must not be prior to September 4th 2019.

If you do not specify the collection date (or if the one in your CSV file ir prior to the date of the upload), Datananas allows you at the last step of the upload to add it or modify it for all contacts. It proposes by default the current date.

When managing your contacts through time

You can manage automated deletion of contacts through time, according to the GDPR rules, in your settings : archiving link.

You can choose to activate it or not, on contacts with specific status(es) of your choice. All contacts with selected status(es) are deleted after the delay of your choice (specified above on the archiving link).

Particular case : if a contact gets a statuts that is concerned by automated deletion, and that the chosen delay is less than the number of days needed for the status change, the contact is deleted the day his/her status changed, at 11.59 pm.

Example : automated archiving is activated for contacts with the "Bad data" status with a 2-days delay. A contact is created on October 5th 2019 (which is his/her collection date), is engaged in a sequence on October 15th 2019 and his/her email address bounces the same day. This gives him/her the "Bad data" status : he is deleted on October 15th 2019 at 11.59 pm.

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