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Email sending quotas
Email sending quotas

How Datananas enables you to adjust hourly and daily sent emails

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Generic quotas

In order to comply with the sending quotas imposed by your email provider, we have defined quotas per email address so that you can continue to prospect without risk.

Therefore, it is not possible to send more emails than what is defined in your settings, whatever the 24h range you consider.

IMAP/SMTP quota: Be careful, when you use the native connection via IMAP/SMTP, your quotas are set by default to 50 emails/hour and 400/day. Contact us through the chat in the software so we can change them.

You can define your own quotas, as they cannot exceed the authorized maximum limits allowed by your provider. This can be done on the dedicated Settings page, where you can modify hourly (1) and daily (2) quotas.

Sending quotas

Everytime you add a new database of contacts to a sequence, you can even be more precise about your sending rythm, specifying how these specific contacts will be engaged, on a hourly and daily frequency.

This option is set up at the Configuration step of your sequence (1).

If you pick the "As soon as possible" sending option (2), your generic quotas will be considered for your hourly and daily sending.

If you choose the "Spread over time" sending option (3), you can pick specific hourly and daily sending quotas, that will only apply to the specific contacts database you are about to engage.

Good to know

  • Your sending quotas can never be higher than your generic quotas

  • Through time, if you add several databases of contacts to a sequence, choosing the "Spread over time" option allows you to allocate specific sending quotas (hourly and daily) to each database you will engage in this sequence.

  • This allows you to prioritize some sending, and to preserve your emails deliverability.

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