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How to define a safe password
How to define a safe password
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Choosing a safe password is important to secure your account and your data.


Please find below a few advices on how to create a safe password:

  • Use a password manager that allows you to create and save your passwords in a safe way. Here are a few : Dashlane, 1Password or LastPass to create and storage your passwords

  • Your password must be at least a 8-characters one. Also, use capitals in the middle of words, and lowercases, use word plays or rare words, modify their spelling  and add symbols and numbers. Feel free to use a complete sentence as a password (example: SafePW4You).

  • Choose a different password for each website and account you have. This limits the impact of a breach on any of the services you use.

  • Never share your password with anyone. Once shared, they could be shared again with other parties or kept after you left the company.

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