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Tracking domain
Tracking domain
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In order to track clicks an opens, we replace your links in emails sent by our own domain (and then redirect them when clicked), and insert a tracking pixel with the domain

Custom tracking domain

In order to avoid having default tracking links, you can add a custom tracking domain with our own domain name.

This has several advantages because your contacts will have less chance to notice it is an automated emails (because the link is tracked) and can also improve your delivrability.

This configuration is done in 2 steps :

1.Adding a CNAME record

This is an operation that is performed in the control panel of your domain provider, (OVH, Gandi, etc…)

You must first configure a CNAME record from your tracking domain to (Don't forget the dot after "me.")

When you then visit "", you should see the message: ok

In our case this would be, for example,

2. Adding the domain to your datananas settings

When the operation is done, add the domain to your email account parameters ("Settings" sub-tab). Then all urls will be shown with your custom domain instead :

  • The tracking pixel inserted when you enable open tracking

  • All links in your emails when you enable click tracking

  • Unsubscribe links when they are enabled

Enjoy it :)

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