Management of your contacts is easier owing to the search filters :

1/ Go to the Contacts page

2/ use one of the native filters at the left that match your contacts status

3/ Select status of your choice

All contacts : All contacts in your company

My contacts : All your contacts

Recently added : Contacts added in the last 14 days

To contact : Contacts not engaged in a sequence yet

To follow-up : Contacts who did not reply or were out of office and have not been contacted since more than 14 days

Replied : Contacts who replied (automatic replies excluded)

Leads : Contacts qualified or with a positive reply

4/ You can also create custom requests by picking fields of your choice, using "and" or "or" combinations and with specific values for each one of them.
To do so you just need to click on "Add filter" just under statuses (1)

For instance, you can combine several requests this way :

You can also save your current request with the dedicated button (2) and cancel them with the little cross (3) :

As displayed above, you can now filter on custom variables, clicks and openings.

Pro tip : when creating a request, the Datananas URL consequently changes, that allows you to copy and paste the URL to your team workers to show them the specific request you just made.

Important : information about filters

  • Company size : if you use ranges, you cannot type a specific number (for instance if you put a filter saying "contains 2" this will not match 1-10 people companies . You need to type "1-10")
  • Sequences : if you filter on "is not in the sequence X" this does not include contacts that are not in any sequence. Only ones that are in a sequence that is not X.
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