In Datananas, your contacts have a state that changes automatically as they progress through the sequences.

What is the sequence state?

The meaning of the different states is given to you when you move your pointer over the status of a contact:

"Added": the contact has been added to the sequence but has not yet been contacted (he has not yet received the first e-mail of the sequence)
"Active": the contact has received the first step of the sequence and has further scheduled steps.
"Replied": the contact has answered manually and is therefore no longer active in the sequence
"Stopped": The contact has received the last step of the sequence. For a period of time that you define in the parameters of your sequence, he takes the status "stopped":
               - If at the end of the number of days you have defined, the contact has still not responded to the sequence, he takes the state "Unresponsive".
               - If over this period he manually answers to one of the e-mails in the sequence, he takes the status "Replied".
"Unresponsive": the contact has received all the sequence steps but has not replied.
"Unsubscribed": the contact is unsubscribed from the sequence
"Blacklisted": the contact is blacklisted.
"Bounced": the contact's email adress seems wrong, the messages could not be delivered.
"Error": An error occurred while sending the emails
"Paused" : The contact has been paused in the sequence

Specific cases :

  • If a contact answers negatively with a "strong" negative answer (For example : "Please do not contact me again"), he is automatically blacklisted, he takes on the state "Replied" and is removed from the sequence.

  • If the contact clicks on the unsubscribe link, his sequence state is Unsubscribed

  • If you unsubscribe a contact in a sequence and add him to the blacklist at the same time, it will be Blacklisted (only if its sequence status was : "added", "active", "paused" or "stopped" - for all other sequence states : "answered" or "did not reply", then the contact is added to the blacklist but his state in the sequence remains the same)

  • If you unsubscribe a contact in a sequence without adding it to the blacklist at the same time, it will be given the state Unsubscribed.

  • If you add a contact to the blacklist, the contact will be Blacklisted.

  • If you unsubscribe a contact that has the "Added" state in the sequence, then he will not take on the state "Unsubscribed" and will not be considered as a contact that has been added to this sequence.

Sequence state display

To display the sequence state of your contacts, you have several options:

First option: In the Contacts view, click on Display (1) and select the Sequences field (2). Then click on Save (3). You will display a column that shows for each contact the Sequences in which he is, and has been. As well as its state in each of the sequences.

Second option: on the Contacts view, click on Display (1) then select the field Sequence state (2). Then click on Save (3). You will see a column showing for each contact its sequence state in the last sequence to which it was added.

Filter your contacts according to their sequence state

You can also filter on the sequence state via the clickable button on the left of the Contacts view :
Click on "Add filter" (1).

Select the field "Sequence state" (2) and then choose between "is" and "is not" (3).

Finally, choose the sequence state from the drop-down menu (4).

Click on the button Add a criteria (5) to validate your search. Then you will get a selection of contacts whose status in the last sequence to which they were added is the one specified in your query.

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