What is it?
In our software, your contacts see their status updated automatically as they progress (from status "Added" to status "Active" for example) and as they behave (from status "Stopped" to status "Answered"). 

The stages come in addition to these statutes. They allow you to regain control over the way you classify your contacts according to their progress in your prospecting funnel.

Where and how to configure them?
The Stages are set directly from your settings via the Stages page.
There you will find steps created by default.
You will be able to modify them, delete them and see in one click all the contacts assigned to a particular stage (1).
You can also create fully customized steps via the dedicated clickable button (2).)

How do you apply them to your contacts?
You can assign steps to your contacts directly from the Contacts page in the following ways:

  • Select the contacts of your choice then click on Stage (1)

  • Specify the stage to be assigned (2)

  • Click on Submit (3) to confirm)

You can also assign a stage to a specific contact by clicking on the dedicated cell (1).

You can modify the same way your contacts stages directly from this page, or on the dedicated page of a contact by clicking on its current stage (2) and selecting the new one.

Tip : Our Zapier connector will soon be updated so that an action can be triggered automatically based on a contact step change.

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