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Weekly statistics report
Weekly statistics report
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The Weekly Statistics Report allows you to get a report on some of Datananas key statistics for the previous week.

To receive the weekly statistics report you must go to "My account" in the User tab and enable the "Weekly statistics report" toggle (it must be blue). Then click on Save

You will receive the weekly statistics report every week in your mailbox. 

Here is how the weekly statistics report looks like:

(a) active sequences: Number of active sequences last week
(b) contacts touched: Number of contacts who received an email
(c) emails sent: Number of emails sent last week
(d) Replies received: Number of replies received last week. The received responses are considered as manual responses, i.e. all response emails except bounces and out-of-office emails.
(e) emails opened: Number of emails opened by contacts in the last week.
(f) Emails clicked: Number of clicks on your email links in the last week.

By clicking on Check My Account you will be redirected to the Datananas login page.

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