When using our solution, you get a role. You can be Manager or User.

  1. You can see which role you have in the Settings in the Company tab, User section.

2. What do both roles allow you to do :

User: He can only act on what he owns or what he has created. That is to say, he can only act on contacts he owns and he can only use sequences he owns.
Some features of the account are not accessible (Manage the blacklist, creation of variables, ...). 

Manager: He can act on all the elements of the account (contacts, sequences, ...). He has access to all the features of the account.

3. The main features where your role matters:

  • When you delete a contact (As "Manager", you can delete any contact and as "User", only the contacts you own).

  • Schedule a sequence (if you are a "User", make sure you are the owner of the contacts and the sequence).

4. How to get a different role:

To change your role, you have to make a request in the chat or via the support (support@datananas.com). The Datananas team will take care of making the changes.
If you are a "User", you must first request authorization from the "Manager" of the Datananas account to get the "Manager" role.

In addition to the "Manager" role, the Datananas team can provide you the Shared Inbox role. This role allows you to have access to all the replies of the users of the account on your inbox. You have to make the request in the chat or via support (support@datananas.com) and the Datananas team will add this role to you.

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