Datananas Connect Bulk will allow you to create your prospect lists from LinkedIn Sales Navigator much faster by searching for contacts by filters and in bulk.

To use Datananas Connect Bulk, you will first need to subscribe to LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

- Log in to Sales Navigator with your usual LinkedIn credentials

- Make sure you are connected to Datananas Connect :

- Perform your search on Sales Navigator by segmenting it as much as possible (hierarchical level, geographic location, company workforce, industry, etc.)

- Once your search is complete, click on the blue button «Export to Datananas»

A new window will open in which you can set a number of options:

- First, create a list in which the prospects you have just filtered will be added.

- Then you can add a manual check of the new contacts to check and edit the information before they are added to the list.

- The next option allows you to pause between each page of the Sales Navigator search.

- Then you can choose the maximum number of contacts that can be retrieved in Sales Navigator. There are 25 contacts per page and the maximum possible pages to select is 100, i.e. 2,500 contacts.

- The next option allows you to define the reliability rate of the email addresses that will be generated.

Datananas Connect can then reconstruct the email addresses of the contacts who will be added with a certain level of confidence.

- The last option allows you to limit the number of contacts to only one per company. If you enable it and your search contains several prospects from the same company, then only the first on the list will be retrieved.

Now click on start and wait for the pages be filtered.

Once the search is complete or you have clicked on "pause", you will find all these contacts in your new list, on your Datananas account.

Note: You can export up to 2500 contacts at once on a search. This means that if you have contact lists exceeding this number, our tool will always export the first 2500 contacts.

So if you want to export a larger list, we invite you to segment your search as much as possible using the different filters offered on LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Your lists on LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

If you want to export your lists from LinkedIn SalesNavigator to your Datananas database, here is below a link of a video that shows you how to do it :

Below you will find a short video to show you how to use the feature Bulk Connect.

Your saved searches from LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If you want to export your saved searches from LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Datananas, you will find below a video explaining the steps to take:

If new leads match your saved search criteria, you will receive a notification on LinkedIn/Sales Navigator and you can create them in Datananas or create and engage them in your sequences via the Datananas Connect plugin.

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