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The Datananas Connect Bulk extension
The Datananas Connect Bulk extension

Bulk export of contacts via LinkedIn SalesNavigator

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The Datananas bulk connect, will allow you to create your lists of prospects much more quickly from LinkedIn Sales Navigator by searching for contacts by filters and in bulk.

To use Datananas Connect Bulk, you need to have a LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscription and be on the Datananas Entreprise plan. Next, follow the procedure below :

1. First of all, minimize the Google Chrome window you are working on so that it is not full screen. Do a lead search on Sales Navigator in the classic way :

2. Then click on the "Save Search" button at the top right (2)

3. A window appears in the middle of your screen. Give a name to your saved search (3), then click on Save search (4)

4. Go to your Saved searches via the clickable button at the top right (5)

5. Find the saves search you just made, right click on it and click on Copy link address (6)

6. Open the Chrome plugin Datananas Connect and click on the Bulk tab (7)

7. Then configure your contact import:

> select an existing list in your Datananas account or create one via the dedicated button (8). The latter will redirect you to the Lists page of your account to create a list, by clicking on the drop-down menu (9) you will see it appear.

> Paste the link of your saved Sales navigator search in the dedicated field (10)

> Specify the maximum number of contact profiles that will be visited by Datananas Connect Bulk (11)

> Select the minimum reliability rate for emails to be retained (12). For example, if you specify 60, only contacts with an email that Connect believes has a 60% chance of being correct will be created in your account.

> Indicate the page of the SalesNavigator search from which to start the export (13)

> Click on Start scrap (14)

Be careful: when you click on Start scrap, a new Chrome window will open, containing your SalesNavigator search. For your contact import to work, you must not minimize or close this window. If you want to continue working on your main Chrome window, it should not be full screen so as not to block the import.

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