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Test your sequence
Test your sequence
You can now test your sequence in order to see immediately in your inbox what your prospects see when receiving your emails
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This feature allows you to send immediately all the emails of your sequence from your own email adress or the ones of your colleagues and see how they appear in your inbox.

To test your sequence, you need to :

1/ Go the sequencestab

2/ Click on your sequence

3/ Click on the Preview tab

Now you can click on the blue button Test sequences sending:

Then a window appears and several options are offered to you:

1/ Select sender : Here you will choose the person in your company who will send your sequence. You will see a list of all the sending email addresses on the different Datananas accounts of your colleagues.

2/ Send test emails to : Here you will be able to choose the person among your team who will receive your sequence. On the list, you will see the account login email adresses of your team.

3/ Replace variables as if sent to this contact : Here you will be able to choose one of your contacts in your Datananas database and receive your sequence emails as if you were him.

Then click on Send test emails to see what your sequence emails look like in the inbox of your prospects!

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