Several statistics are available in Datananas. As shown in the pictures below, you can view it at a glance :

- The number of contacts total, engaged, to be engaged and the number of contacts created (1)

- Your automation actions in real time (2)

-The top 5 of your sequences that had the most impact (3)

-The top 5 of your steps that received the best response rate (4)

-The 5 best sending times of Datananas users (5)

We have also made available to you a new sequence statistics module for all the data relating to your sequence shipments, you can now see :

-A frame with all sequence information such as engaged contacts, number of emails sent, number of emails opened and number of replies (6)

-The activity of your sequences in the form of a graph (7)

-The activity of your answers with a flexible graph (8)

- A performance banner to have your KPI's by sequence steps with opening rate, response rate, click rate and the number of active contacts by sequence steps (9)

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