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GDPR - Data storage
GDPR - Data storage
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To configure the storage of your data, in accordance with the GPDR (cf: CNIL article Understanding the RGPD), on Datananas :

  1. Go to your Settings (1) in the GDPR tab (2), then click on Archiving (3)

We strongly recommend that you activate automatic contact deletion:

After selecting the status(es) concerned and the retention period (the countdown starts from the collection date), the data concerned will be automatically deleted every day at midnight at the end of the retention period.

To activate the automatic deletion of your contacts, enable the option (4), choose when the contact will be deleted (5), choose the concerned statuses (6) then click on Save (7) :

2. In the Information tab (8), you can fill in the contact details of your company's Data Collection Manager, and if necessary your Data Protection Officer or DPO (cf. article CNIL) :

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