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Download the data from your contact database
Download the data from your contact database

Datananas allows you to export all the data related to your contacts.

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To download all your contacts information:

1/ Go to your account Settings (1). Then click on the GDPR tab (2) and go to the Data tab (2)

2/ Select the file format (3). Then choose to download all your contacts (3) or your blacklist (4) :

The download will start automatically and you will find all your data in the chosen format.

Regarding the export of all your contacts you will find the following data:

  • City

  • Date of contact collection

  • Company industry

  • Company name

  • Company size

  • Country

  • Email adress

  • Email status (valid, unvalid..)

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Last email category (positive, negative..)

  • LinkedInurl

  • Mobile

  • Phone

  • Role

  • Source (how the contact was created)

  • Status (replied, contacted..)

  • List name

  • Owner

  • Stage

  • All the information provided in your custom variables

To download your blacklist:

This time you just need to click on Export company's blacklist:

On your file, you will find the information below:

  • Type ("email adress" or "domain name")

  • Value (email adress of the contact or domain name)

  • Reason (can be Customer, Lead, Competitor or other : you choose this when adding the contact to blacklist)

  • createdAt (date of addition to the blacklist)

To download a selection of contacts:

To do so, you must select the contacts, then click successively on Actions and Export selected contacts:

Then a window appears. Choose the format you want your file to be in (1) and click on Submit (2):

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