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Create sequences using ChatGPT
Create sequences using ChatGPT

How to use AI to write sequences

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How to

In order to create AI-powered prospection sequences :

  1. Go on the Sequences page using the left panel (1)

  2. Click on the New sequence button (2)

3. Choose the Sequence via AI option (3) using the Select button (4)

4. Then answer the different questions, to provide content for your incoming sequence

5. Magic ! After a quick load your sequence is available, please make sure to check every step so you can bring your personal touch to the AI-generated text

Best practices

  1. When answering questions, especially ones linked to:

    • product/service you sell: do not give too much info, only make sure that you told what it is (a software, a car, training,...)

    • role you target : specify only one role, so AI will write more specific content

    • benefit brought by your product/service: specify which kind of benefit is brought (money saved, money earned, time saved,...) and keep it short. Once the sequence is created, you can update the content bringing your personal touch to it, and so to be more specific.

  2. The Regenerate the sequence button (1) allows you in one click to ask ChatGPT to create a new sequence, based on the answers you gave earlier. If you save your sequence, it is no longer possible to regenerate the sequence.

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