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Synchronize an email address
Synchronize an email address
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Datananas allows you to synchronize your email address.

This email adress will be used to send your emails in Datananas. When a prospect answers, he will be automatically removed from the current sequence and the next scheduled emails will be cancelled.

To synchronize your email address you have different options depending on your email provider and configuration. Here is the list of available methods and a link to the dedicated article:


  • Be careful not to synchronize an email address representing an alias or a redirection because the reply emails from your prospects will not go back to your Datananas inbox and their sequence state will not evolve if they reply to your sequence.

  • When synchronizing an email address, if you can choose your sending mailbox, please always make sure to choose one using the scrolling menu (1). Select one, then click on Choose (2) and to finish on Save (3)

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