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Synchronization Exchange/Outlook
Synchronization Exchange/Outlook
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To connect your Exchange/Outlook email adress on datananas:

1. Go to your account settings (1) in the Email tab (2) and click on Microsoft (3) :

2. Then you've got many options:

  • 'Connect with Outlook (Office 365)' if you use Outlook

In the field that appears, you might modify the email that you want to synchronize, then click on the Connect button.

You will be redirected to a new page:

Click on your email adress to allow Datananas to access your account and then fill in the password. You will be redirected back to Datananas, your email address is now synchronized.

  • 'Connect with Exchange (EWS) if you use exchange web service

Click on the text area. You will then see the fields below:

Fill in the information and then click on Connect

  • "Connect with Exchange (EAS) if you use exchange active sync

Click on the text area. Then you have to follow the same path as when connecting through Outlook (first way to connect above in the article)

Common Authentication Problems :

1. Using a VPN

If your mail server is behind a VPN or firewall, or if strict email management policies have been set up, these measures may prevent synchronization of your email address.

2. Identification error message :
Sometimes, despite having entered your email, password and Advanced Settings correctly, you still get an error message telling you to check your information. Here are the elements that can cause an identification error:

  • If you use two-factor authentication for your email account, you will need to generate a specific password for the application. If the two-factor authentication service used does not support the application password, in this case please reach our support at for suggestions.

  • The automatic server search connects to the wrong server. Ask your email administrator what server and port information should be used to connect. Once you have this information you can try to synchronize your email address by using Advanced Settings.

  • Make sure that the synchronization has not been done with an email alias. The synchronization must be done on your real account.

  • Access permissions to Exchange with ActiveSync. Make sure that ActiveSync connections are allowed.

  • Make sure that there are no devices required for synchronization (Datananas application) in quarantine or blocked. Authentication may fail and synchronization may be blocked because your server blocks access via the ActiveSync protocol, which is a protocol that allows data from various Microsoft products to be synchronized. To do this :

a) Make sure that in mobile > mobile device access there are no devices in quarantine, that access to mobile devices is enabled and that there are no device access rules that conflict with the suggested settings.

b) In the Exchange admin center protection tab > action center make sure there is no account affected by the protection system.

c) Make sure that in protection > quarantine there is no blocked device.
d) In the user settings page make sure that python-EAS-Client 1.0 connections are allowed.

3. Temporary mail server error :
When trying to synchronize your email address, a temporary error occurred on the email server. In most cases, a new connection attempt should resolve the problem.

4. Failed automatic search for connection parameters :
The automatic search for connection parameters did not work. You need to ask your email administrator for the connection settings and fill in the Advanced Settings.

5. Connection error :
The connection could not be made using the server settings provided. You need to contact your email administrator and ask for the correct connection settings that you can use to connect manually (with Advanced Settings).

Recommended settings for synchronization :

The following settings are recommended to ensure maximum compatibility in order to synchronize your email address.

Go to the Exchange admin center :

  • Organization, sharing section :

Make sure that the default sharing policy is set for sharing individual calendars.

  • Protection, malware filter section :

Make sure sender notifications are enabled (inform internal and external senders)

Make sure that the malware detection response is set to "Delete all attachments".

  • Protection, connection filter section :

Use the default settings

  • Mobile, Mobile Device Access section: Exchange ActiveSync Access Settings

Press the "edit" button.

  • Mobile, Mobile device mailbox policies section

Make sure that the default settings are used.

Alternative synchronization method :

If synchronization still does not work you can use IMAP/SMTP synchronization, select IMAP/SMTP, and configure the advanced connection using your own information on this Outlook link. You will be redirected to a page where you can get your IMAP/SMTP information.

Another way to retrieve this IMAP/SMTP information from your mailbox:
Video support

If the IMAP/SMTP synchronization does not work, you can try the synchronization again with the following information:

  • IMAP


Port: 993

Login name : Outlook email address

Password: Email password

  • SMTP


Port: 587

Login name : Outlook email address

Password: Email password

For more information about your email quotas, please see the following article: Email quotas

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