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The contact status
The contact status
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On the Contacts page you can use filters to manage your contacts better on a daily use, according to their status.

Among these filters, the Status filter changes according to the prospect's evolution in your outbound funnel. By putting your pointer in statuses of contacts in the Contacts page you can see a tool tip that explains you the meaning of the status.

1. Definition :

The status of contacts corresponds to the state in which the contact is on Datananas. The statuses are automatically set and changed according to the actions that have been carried out on the contact.

Here is a recap of the different statuses :

New: Contact that has just been created and has therefore not yet been added to a sequence.
Added: Contact added to a sequence, but not yet contacted
Contacted: Contact contacted and active in a sequence
Replied: Contact who replied to at least one email and left the sequence
Qualified: Contact that has been manually qualified
Unresponsive: Contact who has reached the end of a sequence without answering.
Bad data: Contact with an invalid email (soft or hard bounce)
Do not contact: Contact who asked not to be contacted anymore (the contact is in the blacklist)
Disqualified: Contact that has been manually disqualified

There are also Contact statuses in the sequence that correspond to the status of the contact in the sequence. 

2. Use :

Contact statuses can be used in filters.

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