You can configurate the intervals between the steps of your sequences when creating or editing them

Sending of the first email: The sending time and day of the first step are defined when you're scheduling a sequence.

To set up dunning intervals between the different steps of your sequences:

1. Go to the Edition tab of one of your sequences

2. Open step number 2 (or one of the following steps) of your sequence

3. Select the interval in number of working days between this step and the previous one. Then, select the time slot on which you want the email to be sent or the task to be done.

Example: if I schedule my step 1 on Monday, October 22th from 10 a.m until 11 a.m and configure the interval on step 2 to 3 days later from 2pm until 3pm > my step 2 will take place on Thursday 25th between 2pm and 3pm

Make sure to configure the intervals between the different steps of your sequences before adding a contact to them

Attention: The days that were not selected when configuring the allowed days are not taken into account for the count of the number of days between two steps.
Example: Saturday and Sunday are not allowed days. If you schedule step 1 of your sequence on Friday with step 2 two days later, step 2 will be sent on next Tuesday.

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