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Create, edit and use a schedule
Create, edit and use a schedule

Creation, modification and deletion of schedules

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In this article, you will learn how to create a schedule in order to decide on the most opportune moments in the week for you to send prospecting emails

Here is how to create and edit a sending schedule:

1. Go to the left bar and then click on 📅(1):

2. Then click on the +(2) to create to create a new schedule:

3. Set up your schedule:

  • Schedule name(3) & description(4) : Add the name of your schedule and the associated description.

  • Time zone(5) : Choose the time zone corresponding to the country of your recipients

  • Sending hours: Configure the days and times your emails can be sent on. To do so, use the shortcuts at the top(6) that already include time slots (open days, whole week, morning, afternoon, noon, outside office hours, all the time) or customize the schedule(7) by deleting for each day (small basket at the top right) the already defined time slots and selecting the desired times :

Be careful : Your schedule must include at least 6 sending hours (we recommend that you select at least 10 hours and 2 days in your schedule). If not, a message will appear and you will not be able to save your schedule:

  • Excluded days : Choose the days you want to exclude from your schedule. Click on Select(8) to display the days that are already predefined, public holidays for example. If the days you want to exclude are not in the list, you can click on the +(9):

A new window appears. In order to avoid sending emails while you are in vacations, you can define a period to exclude. To that end, you must define the name of this period(10) and select a start date and an end date(11). Once the configuration is done, you can click on Submit(12):

4. Once eveything is set up, you can click on Create(13) :

5. All you have to do now is go to your sequence settings and apply your schedule to your sequence via the drop-down menu (14) and click on Save sequence (15) :

To modify your schedule:

1. Click on the schedule you want to change

2. Make the desired changes to your schedule and click on Edit to save your changes:

Note: it is not possible to modify the schedule of a running sequence. If your schedule is used in a running sequence, you will see the following message on it:

To delete a schedule:

  1. Check that your schedule is not being used in a running sequence. It is not possible to delete a schedule that is used in a running sequence.

  2. Click on the trash can to the right of your schedule name:

3. Then click on Confirm:

Bookmark my schedule:

The schedule with ✔️ is your favorite schedule. This means that it is the schedule that will be assigned by default to your new sequences.

In order to bookmark a schedule, you must move the mouse over the desired schedule. A ✔️ will appear. Click on it to bookmark the schedule:

If you want to modify the schedule of your sequence while it is running:

In this case, you must pause all the contacts in your running sequence (see article). Then create a new schedule. Associate the new schedule with your sequence via its parameters and then click on Save sequence. Be careful however, the new schedule will have to authorize the dunning time slots that you had set up when editing your sequence.

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