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How to unsubscribe contacts from a sequence
How to unsubscribe contacts from a sequence

You can unsubscribe a contact from your sequence at any time if you don't want him to receive future scheduled emails.

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As a reminder, your prospects are automatically unsubscribed from the sequence once they have replied. Apart from this, there are several methods you can use to manually unsubscribe one or more contacts from a sequence.

From the contacts page

  1. Go to your Contacts page (1)

  2. Select one or more contacts using the small squares on the left (2)

  3. Click on the 3 small dots at the top right (3), then on Unsubscribe from all sequences (4)

  4. A window appears. Choose whether to blacklist email contacts or not (5). By doing you would not be able anymore to add the contact to another sequence in the future.

  5. Tick the box next to "Selected o

By clicking on the toggle the contact(s) will be added to the blacklist.
The toggle must appear in blue for the Blacklist to be set up
(you'll have to select the reason for the blacklist)

4. Make sure to check the box 'Selected contacts will be unsubscribed from all current sequences', then input your initials and click on 'Submit' to unsubscribe the contact(s) from current sequences they've been added to

From the contact profile

  1. Go on the profile of one of your contacts (if unclear, please check our related article)

  2. Click on the Sequences tab at the right (1) then on Remove from sequence (2)

3. A message pops in, click on Confirm (3) if you wish to unsubscribe your contact from the sequence


  • You want to unsubscribe all contacts from a sequence

    1. Go on the Sequences page (1) and select one clicking on it (2)

      2. Once in your sequence, click on the Statistics tab (3) and then on Active contacts (4) to get all contacts that are still active in the sequence

      3. Select all contacts checking the box (5), then click on Select all pages (6) if you have more than 25 contacts. Then click on the 3 little dots (7) at the top right and chose the Unsubscribe from all sequences (8) option

Would you like to delete a contact? You can see how to do it in the following article: Delete a contact

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