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As a CRM, Datananas allows you to manage your contacts via a full overview but also a dedicated profile for each of your contacts.

To access it:

Go to the Contacts tab and click on the contact that you are interested in to access its profile (click on the email adress of the contact or double click on the line of the contact)

Here is an overview of a contact profile:

Presentation of the contact profile :

  • Activities / Scheduled / History

Activity: you can see all activities of the contact (change of contact person, change of status, if the contact has been added to a sequence, ...)

Scheduled: Visual on the emails, tasks or calls that are programmed for the contact

History: The emails sent and the reply emails of the contact can be seen in the history. Tasks and calls made on Datananas Connect are also visible in the history.

Once a contact is created by a user with a synchronised email address, all emails sent and received with this contact since its creation will be historicized in this section, and so will be displayed to any other user having an access to this contact. This allows you to have all interactions between a user and a contact, and so to improve contextualization of your prospection.

Be careful if you create contacts that would be your teammates, as emails that you send to and receive from them will be displayed, and any other user having access to these contacts will also be able to see these interactions.

Create a note: You can create a note for the contact. The note will appear in the history of the contact.

Create a task: You can create a task independently of a sequence. The task appears in the Scheduled tab and must be made on Datananas Connect.

Add to sequence: You can directly add the contact to a sequence

New message: You can send an email to the contact independently of a sequence

  • Contact information:

Infos: Contact information (email adress, owner, list,...). Here you can Qualify and Disqualify a contact

Variables: Custom variables (with a value) and Magic variables appear in this section

Sequences: Here you can see the ongoing and completed sequences of the contact

You can remove the contact from the sequence by clicking on "Remove from sequence".
In the sequence tab you can also
pause the contact

  • You can also:

(1) Show LinkedIn profile: [click on the icon] Go to the contact's LinkedIn profile

(2) Show website : [click on the icon] Go to the company website.

(3) Blacklist contact's email or domain: [click on the icon] You can add the contact or domain name to the blacklist. Video example

(4) Delete this contact : [click on the icon] You can delete the contact. Video example

(5) Edit contact's information : [click on the icon] Allows you to add or change values to contact variables.  You can edit main fields,  secondary fields, and custom fields.  Video example 

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