When creating or editing your sequences, you can schedule calls and task steps to be executed. (cf. article Create and edit a sequence) which will be usable via the Datananas Connect plugin.

When your call or task step expires, a notification (red dot) appears on the plugin icon.

The 'Tasks' tab is composed of different sub-tabs and allows you to view scheduled tasks:

  • Today : Refers to tasks that expired on the same day and are still to be validated

  • Tomorrow : Refers to tasks that will expire the next day and remain to be validated

  • Late : Not to be used, tasks that are due today and that are not realized are automatically rescheduled for tomorrow.

  • Done : Refers to tasks that have been validated during the last 7 days

To view a task et validate it, click on it and save it.

  1. Calls

Regardings calls, you can make notes that you can later find in the contact history. Then you can enter the call result (Positive, Negative, No answer, Answering machine, Wrong number, Secretary block) via the drop-down menu just below the notes you took during the call. Depending on the result entered, different automatic actions will occur:

Positive: the contact will exit the sequence.

Negative: Contact will exit the sequence.

No answer: the contact will remain in the sequence.

Answering machine: the contact will remain in the sequence.

Wrong number: the contact will remain in the sequence

Secretary barrier: the contact will remain in the sequence

Important: You have to validate your task in Datananas Connect so that your prospect receives the next steps scheduled in your sequence.

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