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Create and edit a sequence
Create and edit a sequence

Create, edit, set up a sequence and the related tabs : emails, statistics and activities

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Creating a sequence

  1. Go to the Sequences page using the left side panel (1)

  2. Click on New Sequence at the top right (2)

  3. A window pops in, giving you 3 options :

    • create a new sequence from scratch (1)

    • use a ready-to-use sequence from our templates collection (2)

    • duplicate one of your existing sequences

    Once you made your choice click on the Select button below the option you chose

  4. Let's consider the Blank sequence option. When clicking on it you are redirected to a new sequence.

  5. By default this new sequence only includes one step that is an email. Please note that the different types of steps are : email, call, task, LinkedIn profile visit, LinkedIn network request (with or without a message). If you want to change the type of step, click on the step (1), and then click on the desired type (2)

    If you want to know everything about the tasks and/or calls steps, please read our dedicated article

    If you are interested about LinkedIn automated profiles visits, please visit the dedicated page

    And for LinkedIn automated network request (with or without message), please refer to our dedicated article.

  6. To add a new step, click on the left on Add a step (3). Please note that your sequence can include 20 steps maximum.

    Do not forget to use variables and Liquid Syntax to increase personalization and effectiveness of your sequence.

    Variables are your contacts information : company_name, first_name,...

    When added in a sequence they are reimplaced by their value, for each contact : when you use the variable #first_name in a sequence, contacts that receive your email do not see #first_name but the value of this variable.

    To use it, click on the # (4) just above your content.

    Feel free to check our article covering every part of content edition , and if you want to focus on hyperlinks and/or images we do have an article too.

    Pro-tip : pay attention to our Redactor (5) on the right. It gives you relevant advices to write super-effective emails !

  7. Set up the delay in days (6) between your different steps (and feel free to check our dedicated article) clicking on blue bricks at the left (7) . That also allows you to select on which time slot you want to schedule your email (8)

  8. Feel free to name your sequence as you wish using the little pencil at the top (9)

  9. Once you chose its name, click on Confirm (10) to save it

To finish, click on the Save the sequence button (11) at the top right corner

Preview your sequence on your contacts

Once you wrote your sequence, you can preview it on some of your contacts. To do so :

  1. Go on the My sequence tab (1), select a step (2), click on the 3 little dots (3) then on Preview (4)

  2. After clicking on Preview, a window appears where you can either preview a whole list of contacts (5) or a single contact (6)

If you want to test your sequence before actually sending it, please refer to our dedicated article

Setting up your sequence

Using the Parameters tab (1), you can also :

  • link a schedule to your sequence

  • enable open/click tracking so you can see it in the Statistics tab

  • disable safeguards to allow contacts re-engagement

  • set up the number of days before a contact that received the last sequence step gets the Unresponsive sequence state

    You want to know more about sequences parameters ? We do have a dedicated article

Getting your sequence statistics

The Statistics tab (1) allows you to keep a track of your sequence performance metrics such as opening rate, clicking rate and manual responses rate. They are displayed this way :

Monitoring your sent emails and updating your scheduled ones

The Emails tab (1) allows you to do 2 things :

  1. Monitor every email that was sent using the Sent option in the drop down menu (2), and see when it was sent, and if it was clicked (3) / opened (4) / replied (5)

  2. And more powerfully, update any scheduled email, to any contact ! Use the drop-down menu to select the Scheduled option (7), choose a contact clicking on it (8) and use the little pencil (9) to update the scheduled email

Having a live feed of all sequence-related activities

The Activities tab (1) gives a live overview of any activity linked to your sequence. Just pick the option(s) you are interested in at the top of the page (2) to see it.

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