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The editor allows you to edit and integrate content into your sequences

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The editor can be used at different places in the software:

  • When editing the content of your sequences 

  • When editing your signature on your Settings

  • When responding to your contacts or when editing a template on your Inbox

The editor allows you to insert text, hypertex links, images and HTML code. Below here is how our editor looks like:

Here is what you can do with the editor:

  • Insert a native or custom variable and liquid syntax:

Variables are information from your contacts (first name, company etc.) that can be used to customize your emails.
Native variables are variables already there when you've created your account. Custom variables are variables that you can create. These are very important to customize as much as posible your email according to your recipient.

Yoiu can also use this ico to add liquid syntax which is dynamic content that will help you get your emails more natural and spontaneous.

  • Make you text bold: 

  • Make your text italic: 

  • Cross out text: 

  • Underline your text: 

  • Change text alignment (left-aligned, centered, right-aligned):

  • Put bullet points: 

  • Put a numbering:

Numbering is used to order, classify and structure.

  • Place a blockquote (quote):

The blockquote indicates that it is a quote.

  • Add an image or a GIF:

  • Make a hyperlink (before clicking on this icon you need to select your text or image): 

  • Add a template:

  • Add emojis:

  • Going backwards / Going forwards: 

  • Open the HTML:

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