The editor allows you to edit and integrate content into your sequences
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The editor can be used at different places in the software:

The editor allows you to edit and integrate content into your emails, templates or your signature.

Here are the different actions possible with the editor:

  • Insert a native or custom variable :

Variables are custom fields from your contacts that can be used to customize your emails.
Native variables are variables already present in Datananas. Custom variables are variables that you can create.

  • Put in bold : 

  • Put in italics : 

  • Cross out the text : 

  • Underline the text : 

  • Change text alignment (left-aligned, centered, right-aligned) :

  • Put bullet points : 

The chip is used to structure or highlight enumerations.

  • Put a numbering :

Numbering is used to order, classify and structure.

  • Place a blockquote (quote) :

The blockquote indicates that it is a quote.

  • Add an image :

You can add :
A gif: via the search bar which allows you to find and choose a gif according to a keyword
An image: by choosing an image present in your computer to add it
Link: using the URL of an image when the image was previously hosted online
My images: by reusing previously used images

  • Add a link : 

When a contact clicks on text with an associated link, they are redirected to the link page.

  • Add a template :

You can create templates to use when editing your sequences.

  • Add emoticons :

  • Going backwards / Going forwards : 

  • Open the HTML :

You can edit your email directly from the HTML.

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