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Native variables
Native variables

Native variables are key to optimize the performance of your sequences and allow you to customize your emails according to the contact data

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Native variables are variables that are already present in Datananas.
You can also create your own variables if you want, these are the custom variables.

Here are the different native variables :

city : City
collectedAt : Collection date
company_industry : Company industry
company_name : Company name
company_size : Company size
country : Country
email : Email
first_name : First name
last_name : Last name
linkedinurl : LinkedIn (Url link of the Linkedin contact profile)
mobile : Mobile phone number
phone : Phone
role : Company position
zipcode : Zip code

2. Use

Native variables can be used when editing templates, responding emails and creating emails in sequences

To use a variable when editing an email you have 2 options :

Important : A contact cannot be added to a sequence if the sequence uses a variable that is not filled in for the contact.

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