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How to automatically visit your contacts' LinkedIn profiles using sequences
How to automatically visit your contacts' LinkedIn profiles using sequences
This feature allows you to automatically visit every contact's LinkedIn profile using the sequences.
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How to set this up

The first step you need to do is synchronizing your LinkedIn account with Connect.

To do so, log in LinkedIn and open Connect (quick reminder on how to install Connnect)

Then, click on the "LinkedIn" tab (1) and on "Create my LinkedIn integration" (2)

You should have a success message, telling you that your LinkedIn account and Connect are sync (3).

How to use it in sequences

To automatically visit LinkedIn profiules of your contacts through sequences, you need to go on the sequences page and to create a sequence (how to, if that is not clear enough for you).

Pick the sequence step of your choice, click on "LinkedIn" (4) then on the "Profile visit" option (5).


To make sure every LinkedIn profile is visited, it is strongly advsied that the value of the native variable linkedin_url is the Linkedin url of the contact, including the https://www.

Any other format (no url, a LinkedIn Sales Navigator url, or no https://www. for instance) will prevent the LinkedIn profile to be immediately and automatically visited. Instead, this is how Connect handles this case :

  • Connect searches for these contacts on LinkedIn, using their first name, last name and company name

  • If only one result pops out, then the LinkedIn profile of this person is automatically visited

  • In case of more than one result, or no result at all, then no automatic profile visit is made

Do not forget that contacts created using Connect on LinkedIn have their variable linkedin_url automatically filled with the url of their LinkedIn profile

Also, pay attention not to log out LinkedIn when sequences including this automatic visits are running. However, your computer does not need to be running while your sequences are.

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