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Configure sequence parameters
Configure sequence parameters

Have a look at the different parameters of a sequence

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  1. Go on the sequences page using the left side panel (1)

  2. Click on the sequence you want to set up (2)

  3. Then click on the Parameters tab at the top (3)

  4. That allows you to see all options of your sequence

  5. Each one of them has a specific goal :

    • Sending schedule (4) = Pick a schedule to define on which days and on which time slots to send your sequence steps. For prospection goals, we advise you to avoid week-ends if you cannot answer to your responding prospects during this period. Want to know more about schedules ? Read our dedicated article

    • Tracking (5) = it is activated by default and allows you to know who opens your emails and who clicks on the links in your emails. These metrics can be found in the Statistics tab of your sequence. This tab is at the top of the page and appears once you saved your sequence.

    • Unsusbscribe (6) = clicking on the toggle button and switching it from grey to blue automatically ads an unsubscribe link at the end of each email sent through the sequence. It is advised to enable it as it allows your contacts to easily tell you that they do not want to be prospected anymore, and so it lowers chances that they classify your emails as spam (that would strongly decrease your email deliverability). If you do not want to add this link, add a short sentence at the end of your emails to tell your prospects that they only need to respond to this email to tell you they no longer can be prospected. Feel free to read our dedicated article to know more about the unsubscribe link .

    • Safeguards (7) = Clicking on this toggle button to switch it from grey to blue allows you to add in this sequence contacts that were previsouly prospected in other sequence(s). It is advised to keep the button in grey to avoid contacts to be over-solicitated. On the other hand, if you create a sequence dedicated to reach unresponsive contacts from previous sequences, make sure to disable this safeguards switching the button in blue.

    • Ending sequence (8) = here you need to define a number of days (7 by default). It means that any contact added to this sequence will have the "Stopped" sequence state during 7 days after receiving the last step of the sequence. After these 7 days it will get the "Unresponsive" sequence state. Feel free to read our article dedicated to sequence states .

  6. Once you set your sequence up, always click on the "Save" button (9) at the right top corner.

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